Joy is only growing…(yes, granddaughter arrived!)


Hello everyone,

I can finally contain myself to sit down and write a few words… Our first, most beautiful granddaughter has arrived!!!!

Juliana Marie Vujcic was born on Thursday, May 15th at 7:40 pm – 7lb 2oz and 21″ of PURE PERFECTION!!!

To say we are happy, overjoyed, ecstatic, blessed, grateful, in love….all an understatement!!

As someone who deeply respects parent’s wishes first, I won’t share too many baby pictures, but for this one I have permission:

 Yes. My heart is taken. For good. 🙂

Sew…did you notice the quilt? He, he…I bet you did. You know I made one, (story HERE ), but this is not that one. This one – this beauty – has a story too. 🙂

I am not sure if you know (forgot if I talked about it!), but besides my Amherst Quilters Guild, I also belong to the Western New York Modern Quilt Guild – the lively, wonderful, creative and loving group of women that I am privileged to know and call my friends. Apparently, ever since I announced our happy news that first grandchild is on its way, secret project among them was on the way too!
Result – this beauty!!

Notice that it is already on the rocking chair I intend to use when Juliana comes to visit. (can’t wait!!).

Oh but I almost love the back more than the front – beautiful, lovely labels full of words that fill my heart!!

Our meeting was this passed Saturday – only 3 days after baby arrived, but I did make it, although a bit late. And then I got presented with this beautiful surprise!!

 Did I mention I LOVE the back?

 And of course a card that I will cherish forever… 🙂

By the way – how cool it was that I dressed accordingly? Ha ha!
OK, OK…I will give you this one too – my surprised face!

 This was Robi’s quick camera catch…thanks friend!! 🙂

What can I tell you – I am so humbled, grateful and blessed beyond measure to have family and friends around me that make every day better than the one before.
As title says – JOY IS ONLY GROWING.

Wishing you joy too,