Beating the Monday blues…stretching a fabulous weekend

Hi everyone,

Monday blues are really not so blue here – I am still full of great inspiration from a fabulous weekend!
It started with a visit from our grand-puppy, Oliver – a barely 4 month old Wheaten terrier. We had such fun puppy-sitting and playing! Big boy Marley found again his toy basket – he only notices it now when Oliver is here:

Needles to say there was running and playing non-stop, in house and in the backyard, toys everywhere…with a short break for dinner, when everything was quiet:

…and then finally I got some couch cuddles too (but not for long, of course) 🙂

Aren’t they the cutest? 🙂 By the way, Marley almost NEVER sits on the couch with me, but since Ollie was there – he had to be there too!
Saturday was bound to be a great day too – planned was a November meeting for our Western NY Modern Quilt Guild with a group trip to two amazing places we have here in Buffalo, NY – Albright-Knox Art Gallery and Burchfiled-Penny Art Center , topped with lunch at great local restaurant called Betty’s. With a plan like that, how can you not have a blast? 🙂
Just some inspirations from the visit – let’s begin with the STAIRS! How cool is this:


 This one was my favorite:

and up-close, simple lines and shapes…

 even closer – isn’t this amazing?

Burchfield-Penny gallery currently has the exhibit that is so very close to my heart! 

The discussion about art vs. craft and what is what is everlasting. And a very personal one too, in my opinion, but  I do believe that lot of what many call craft also has ART in it and  really loved seeing this exhibit. If you are local or close by – go to see it! Here are some of my favorites:

yup – made from toilet paper!:

I actually have one of Hillary’s art pieces and LOVE it!
How beautiful is this bench:

Or this necklace:

And there was so much more…I will keep some for later! 🙂
OK, just a few more I can’t stand to keep! 🙂 – It was so delightful to see my friend, Barb Murak’s two amazing fiber-arts!

Aren’t these amazing? It is knitted…somehow. You can see more of these at Barb’s website HERE
I am so proud to know her! 🙂
And the second one that warmed my heart was this smaller exhibit. First – read this:

 Isn’t that a beautiful idea? I just love it. Here is how it looked:

 One of my favorites…

YES – celebrate yourself!
That is the lesson we all need to work on, isn’t it? 🙂
Have a fabulous, glamorous Monday – see you again tomorrow with another Each One Teach One Tuesday!
PS – Sunday was good too – I sewed a lot (pictures later!) and made a quince preserve! (now go Google what quince is is you never heard of it, he..he)